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"...you will be a utensil [vessel] God can use for his purpose..." 2 Tim 2:21

The Charter: Defining Your Personal Mission Statement

Webster’s dictionary defines the word charter as, “the commissioning of a vessel.”  Just as a vessel is chartered or commissioned to go on a specific mission, God also has a specific mission, or charter, for you.  This mission emerges from God’s purposes and your personal passion.  It commissions the unique attributes of your design as well as your unique life experiences into a meaningful life of passionate purpose. 

In this workshop you will write a personal mission statement – an essential tool to help you navigate life.  It is a statement of purpose that serves as your personal constitution -- your life charter – keeping your vessel focused on God’s unique purpose for you. 

"So be careful how you live...don't act thoughtlessly, but try to understand what the Lord wants you to do."  Ephesians 5:15-17 NLT

The purpose of this workshop is:

To help you answer, “Why am I here?” in the form of a written mission statement so you can focus your life around God’s purposes and His unique mission for you.

You will leave clear about:

  • the difference between mission, vision, values, goals and roles

  • your shared mission vs. your unique individual mission

  • God’s purposes for your unique design, desires and key life experiences

  • your unique contribution to God’s Kingdom

  • your personal mission!

You will see how:

  • false thinking keeps you from fulfilling your mission and realizing God’s best for you

  • God uses both your positive and negative life experiences to accomplish His purposes in and through you

  • your design and unique life experiences have shaped your heart and molded your passion

  • your passion is the driving force behind all of your meaningful actions and interactions

  • serving &/or working in your area of passion is key to living a life of purpose and meaning

You will be equipped to:

  • make decisions that take you closer to God’s purpose and plan for your life

  • say, “No.” without feeling guilty, thus freeing you to say, “Yes!” to your mission and what you do best!

  • live your mission no matter where you are or what your circumstances

  • draw others to God by simply living your personal mission with intention

You will leave with:

  • A written personal mission statement – a single, short, simple, memorable sentence summarizing your unique life purpose

  • An assessment of the degree to which you are currently living your mission

  • A “MAP” (My Action Plan) for how to live your mission with more intention in your everyday life

  • An updated “Life Map,” summarizing clues you discovered about God’s purpose and direction for your life

  • The foundation and framework for discovering God’s vision for you

Your materials include:

  • The Charter course workbook

  • "How to Hear God," a mini-book by Bill Hybels

  • “Planned for God’s Pleasure,” authored by Rick Warren, best-selling author of Purpose Driven Church and Purpose Driven Life, including a compact disc with purposeful living music

Prior to the workshop:

A prework packet will be sent to you to prepare you for the workshop and maximize your learning experience.  You will reflect on scriptures related to God’s purpose and plan for your life in a heartfelt letter of prayer.  You will also complete worksheets to begin drawing out your passion and purpose.  Throughout the workshop you will apply these insights to your life.  

Testimonies from Travelers:  As a result of attending this workshop…  

"I have a clear and concise mission statement, short and easy to memorize, yet deep and powerful."

Mark Roop, Kaiser Permanente


"...I put into words what I had hoped for years."

Marianne Vick, Heartland Church


"...I have a peace & comfort in realizing what I enjoy and am good at can be the mission for my life and honor God.” 

Penny Bingham, On the Bluffs B&B


"...“I have written a mission statement that will help me to understand decisions I have made in the past and guide decisions in the future.”


"...I feel that I understand what I really want a lot better and what gifts I have to offer…I was afraid that it would be confusing and too difficult…But it was pretty easy and a lot of fun!”  

Cindy Kruschel, Sacramento, CA


"...I have a clear purpose in life…I know that when I leave this world, I will have made a difference."  



"And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them."  Romans 8:28 NLT


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