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"Go, for he is a chosen vessel of mine to bear My name... Acts 9:15

The Vessel: Understanding Your Divine Design

Just as a ship, or vessel, is inventoried and stocked prior to embarking on a journey, this workshop is designed to help you inventory the unique attributes God has divinely designed into your vessel - you!

Without clarity of your design you are susceptible to making choices that take you on journeys never intended for your vessel, resulting in feelings of frustration, fatigue and failure.

Knowing your vessel is foundational to discovering your life mission and vision, as your design is usually the means and provisions God gives you to find, follow and fulfill His purposes and plans for you. 

"...each of you should know how to possess your own vessel in sanctification and honor."  1 Thessalonians 4:4

The purpose of this workshop is:

To discover, understand and align to your divine design so you can be more faithful, focused, fruitful, and fulfilled on your life journey.

You will leave clear about your:

      Personal Values                        (what’s most important to you)

       Abilities                                    (what you naturally do best)

       Spiritual Gifts                            (what God empowers you to do best)

       Temperament/Personality          (how you best relate with others)

You will see:

  • how your values influence your character, choices and conflicts

  • how the degree in which you use your natural abilities directly affects the degree of satisfaction in everything you do

  • how your spiritual gifts work in conjunction with other gifts to contribute to God’s kingdom work

  • how your temperament effects your relationship with God, self and others

You will be equipped to:

  • minimize internal conflict by making decisions in alignment with your personal values

  • say, “Yes!” to more of what you are designed to do best

  • exercise your spiritual gifts in ways that minister to others and give glory to God

  • relate and interact with others in more effective and meaningful ways

  • be faithful and confident loving, living and leading by the design God has given you

You will leave with:

  • an “Instrument Panel,” measuring key aspects of your life to guide you on your journey

  • a “Personal Profile,” integrating, correlating and affirming components of your divine design

  • a “Life Map,” summarizing clues you discovered about God’s purpose and direction for your life

  • a “MAP” (My Action Plan) for better aligning your divine design with your everyday life

  • a renewed awe and appreciation of your design, Designer and Creator

Your materials include:

  • The Vessel course workbook

  • “Planned for God’s Pleasure,” authored by Rick Warren, best-selling author of Purpose Driven Church and Purpose Driven Life, including a compact disc with purposeful living music

  • ”Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts,” a mini-book by J.E. O’Day

  • 1 spiritual gifts inventory

  • 1 natural abilities inventory

  • 1 temperament/personality inventory

  • 3 outside observer affirmation packets with worksheets to give affirmations regarding your talents, temperament and spiritual gifts

Prior to the workshop:

A prework packet will be sent to you to prepare you for the workshop and maximize your learning experience.  You will read a small gift book, reflect on related scriptures in a letter of prayer and complete natural abilities and spiritual gifts inventories.  You will also gather affirmations about your unique design from people who know you well through outside observer affirmation worksheets.  Throughout the workshop you will apply these insights to your life.  

Testimonies from Travelers:  As a result of attending this workshop…  

“...I have more trust in my gift of discernment, which I previously referred to as intuition.

I am more aware of my God given talents.

I became more clear about prioritizing my values.”

John Brooks, Training Manager, Sacramento, CA


"...I was able to have the wonderful experience of discovering God's design for me.

This has been an important step in my Christian walk because it is going to help me to be focused, fruitful, faithful, fulfilled in every aspect of my life with the assurance that I'm going to do what God has designed for me to do according to His perfect plan.

This seminar also has freed me! It has destroyed worries, confusion, and anxiety regarding how I was going to please God without having any clear info about who I was. I did not know what was right, and what was God's purpose in my life. Now I have a sense of peace because God has provided for me the direction and He has revealed to me His partnership in everything that He is going to bring into my life.

I recommend this seminar for every Christian that is interested in walking in partnership with God, and allowing Him to transform his/her life into an exciting journey."

Ana Maria Veas, Berkley, CA


“I feel very grateful to God and the Mission of Grace staff for the creative gift of this comprehensive workshop (After struggling to meet the cost, I can honestly say it has definitely been worth it)!  I have:  

  • profited from the unusual opportunity to discover my own deeply held personal values…as well as the opportunity to integrate these with all of the other design areas UNcovered in the workshop

  • gained a more wonderous understanding of these components as they have played out in my life

  •  felt empowered to more actively pursue a different career which will not only build up the body of Christ but be more fulfilling in ways I have been individually gifted.”

Judy Matselboba, Pinole, CA




"Finally, they returned by ship to Antioch of Syria, where their journey had begun and where they had been committed to the grace of God for the work they had now completed."  Acts 14:26


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